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Vanessa was excited to join a growing company that really supported its instructors

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I used to work for another driving school before joining Pass Driving School.

I found the training for PDI just wasn’t there at the previous company.  I was first told it was a new company and the aim was to have 20 instructors within the first year. I knew one of the owners and to be frank, I liked and respected him and believed in him. That was until I completed my 40 hours and obtained my pink badge. As soon as I became a PDI and met another owner, I realised they talked the talk, yet had no interest in helping PDI’s to achieve their individual goals. I witness people being taken on and leaving before the stage 1 due to lack of training, for example PDIs were requesting extensions on their pink badge as they hadn’t had enough training. At this point I became really concerned about my own badge. I sourced training/advice elsewhere to become an ADI, as I was desperate to pass first time.

I pride myself in giving people the best for their money and that’s something I found lacked within the company. While taking pupils for their tests and listening to what other instructors had to say, I realised that I wasn’t in a growing company at all. No one other than me had achieved their Green badge. I’ll admit when I became an ADI, things changed in me. I was proud of myself and felt that I needed to work with a company that supported their instructors as well as the pupils.

After a little research, I found Pass Driving School. I’m glad I did, because they have always met my needs: respect, loyalty, trust, and most of all in-house training at any level. I was even more impressed that they support the local areas with Fun days at primary schools, charities and really working on getting regular work for instructors.

John King and his team have always lived up to what he first told me, “We are a team and support everyone, we invest in each other and pride ourselves giving the best to each pupil”. That’s all I wanted. I made good friends within my previous company and felt that they too needed this kind of support, so I told them all about Pass Driving School and helped get them to get in touch!

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