All Driving Instructors /Trainers are self employed and the contract for tuition is made between the instructor and the pupil.The driving lesson will start and finish at the pupils pick up address unless agreed beforehand. All matters relating to the timing ,location, duration of individual lessons  should be subject to an agreement between the instructor and the pupil.The instructor will try wherever possible to give a set date and time for your lesson, however on occasion this may change due to unforeseen circumstances. It is the responsibility of the instructor to arrive at the agreed time, however this can depend on traffic etc. Pass driving school will not be held liable for any refunds or disputes.

All lesson rates and opening offers are as set out on the web-site. Payment for a lesson should be made at the start of a lesson by cash/voucher/cheque, (card payments are taken by some instructors but not all ). Payments can be made prior to the lesson online to Pass driving school via the website; all card payments are via Worldpay and are secure.


If the Pupil or instructor wish to cancel or change length of a lesson (eg 2hrs down to 1hr) 24hrs notice must be given, this does not include Sundays and public holidays. If the notice period is not given then the lesson will still be charged.

All cancellations and changes must be communicated between the pupil and the instructor or vice versa. All block bookings have a discount included and all refunds will be at the discretion of the instructor. if a deal is terminated by the pupil before completion of the block booking, then the lessons completed by the pupil would be charged at the full hourly rate and any refund is applied  at the remaining amount. If a pupil begins lessons with a pre booked driving test , the use of the instructors’ car will be at their discretion.The instructor reserves the right to withdraw the use of their vehicle, if in their professional opinion, the pupil is below test standard, 3 clear days will be given prior to the test date.Pass driving school cannot be held responsible for lesson   cancellations due to mechanical breakdown, but will endeavour to find a replacement vehicle as soon as possible.

On the first lesson the pupil must produce a valid driving licence. When booking lessons the pupil should disclose physical or neuro -disabilities which could effect their ability to learn or drive. The pupil is required to read a standard number plate at a distance 20.5metres (67feet). Mobile  phones are to be turned off or on silent as not to become a distraction. The pupil must declare he/ she is not excluded from driving due to any court judgement. The pupil need to be aware it is  illegal to operate a phone whilst driving also to drive whilst under the influence of alcohol or   drugs.

If the pupil attempts to take a lesson under these conditions then the instructor has the right to stop the lesson and the full lesson time will be charged.

All Pass instructors must supply the pupil with a Progress record & appointment card, this must   be updated at the end of every lesson, this is to be given the pupil to retain and produce at the beginning of every lesson. This is a record of student progress and lessons booked including any monies paid direct to an instructor. If this is not being carried out by your instructor please contact the office on 0800 612 65 47 this is a legal requirement.

If you have a complaint that cannot be dealt with directly through your Pass instructor then please contact Pass (0800 612 65 47) and your complaint will be dealt with in the strictest confidence within 48hours.

Pass driving instructors will abide by an equal opportunity policy and will not discriminate against Race, Colour, Creed, or Sexual Orientation.

All Pass driving instructors will abide by the DVSA -ADI code of practice dated 17th February 2017

Pass driving school accepts no responsibility for any monies paid in advance to an instructor for driving lessons.