Just opened up …Some new availability- Manual lessons in Canterbury and Thanet and Auto lessons in Folkestone, Hythe, Dymchurch and New Romney areas. Weekday lessons between 8/9 am and 5pm (no evening or weekends). Intensive Courses available. Birthday and gift vouchers also available.

Driving courses in Kent

Driving courses that get you driving in no time.

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Want to learn fast?

Condensing driving lessons into an intensive course could help you pass within 7-10 days.

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Intensive Courses within 7-10 days

Commit to a full intensive driving course run within 7-10 days with 20-35 hours of tuition

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Semi-Intensive Courses 4-6 weeks

Spread it out a little with a semi-intensive driving course run over 4-6 weeks (25, 30, or 35 hours tuition)

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Advanced Driving Courses

Advanced techniques and defensive driving. Make your driving safer and more systematic .

Available driving courses in Kent

If you have a deadline to meet, or work full time and it is more practical to take time off work, condensing your driving lessons into an intensive course could help you pass in a condensed timescale. We offer full intensive driving courses (manual and automatic) built around your availability, with the aim for you to pass within a week to 10 days (depending on the length of the intensive).
To book and plan in an intensive you need to have passed your theory first, so that a test can be booked to accommodate your timescale. If your theory is passed, we can book your test date and link you up with your personal instructor who will plan everything in with you.
The DVSA test fee of £62 is paid within 2-3 weeks of booking and the deposit and balance dates will be arranged in the diary to assist with your budgeting.(If you wish to consider a semi intensive you also need to have your theory passed or a test booked).
We do not take money upfront for these courses.

Please note : If during the week of the intensive course and by the day before the test, the instructor deems you to be unsafe or not test ready to take the test, the test will not go ahead. These are obviously very, very rare occasions, but do occasionally occur. We, like other driving schools cannot guarantee a Pass, as this is dependent on the learner demonstrating safe and independent driving skills as taught in the course.


Full intensive driving courses are available based on the following over 1 week - 10 days depending on the timescale. 50% deposit and 50% balance dates will be planned in depending on the timescale.


  • 20 hours (within 5 days) (manual/auto)* £700
  • 25 hours (manual/auto)** £875
  • 30 hours (manual/auto) £1050
  • 35 hours (manual/auto) £1225


  • 20 hours (within 5 days) (manual)* £700
  • 25 hours (manual)** £875
  • 30 hours (manual) £1050
  • 35 hours (manual) £1225

An assessment lesson will be required / encouraged for 20, 25, & 30 hour intensives to determine the approriate length for success.

*Must have at least 15 hours' previous intructional experience.
**Must have at least 10 hours' previous instructional experience.


Semi intensive courses are over 4-6 weeks and often a more effective way to learn than the intensive depending on your time scale. 50% deposit and 50% balance dates will be planned in depending on the timescale.


  • 4-6 weeks (20 hours) £700
  • 4-6 weeks (25 hours) £875
  • 4-6 weeks (30 hours) £1050
  • 4-6 weeks (35 hours) £1225


  • 4-6 weeks (20 hours) £700
  • 4-6 weeks (25 hours) £875
  • 4-6 weeks (30 hours) £1050
  • 4-6 weeks (35 hours) £1225

Typical hours per week: 4 weeks = 7-8, 5 weeks = 6-7, 6 weeks = 5-6.

Pass+ Driving Course

Pass Plus is an extended driving course developed by the Driving Standard Agency to benefit newly qualified drivers.

5-6 hours £210.00

Just passed? Build your confidence in the driver’s seat, and learn a safe and positive driving style in a variety of different situations.

Pass Plus covers six key modules: town driving, all weather, out of town and rural, night driving, dual carriageway, and motorway driving.

Taking the Pass Plus course may help reduce your motor insurance by as much as 20% too, with participating insurance companies. For students who passed their test with Pass Driving School, we offer an extra Pass Plus discount – get in touch to learn more.

10,223 passes
and counting

lauran dolby - pass driving school student
I was recommended Pass driving school a few months ago and I’m so glad I did! John made me feel safe when driving and there was much flexibility with lesson to fit my needs. John really goes that extra mile to help his students by providing much support as well as resources to help through the the theory and practical exams. Would really recommend Pass Driving School to anyone starting to drive.
Lauran Dolby
holly white pass driving school student
John King was the most amazing instructor and made me feel so comfortable. Would never had passed without him and honestly can't thank him enough. Would definitely recommend him to every one.
Holly White
bradley lewis pass driving school student
I was recommended to go with John King at Pass driving school. So pleased I did have John as my instructor as he was excellent, no time wasting, and I was able to pass my driving test in a very short time. Would highly recommend Pass driving school to anyone who is thinking of learning to drive.
Bradley Lewis
ben morgan pass driving school student
HI was able to pass my practice driving test today on my FIRST attempt,all thanks to John King. He really is an amazing instructor and I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for an instructor who is willing to go the extra mile when it comes to easing your experience throughout the whole process, such as booking your test on your behalf. Although I might have made many mistakes while learning, John was always able to encourage progression whilst making the lesson enjoyable.
Ben Morgan
danny knight pass driving school student
I had an excellent driving instructor from Pass Driving School, Alex Holder. He made me feel at ease no matter the situation, despite me being very nervous. He taught me in easy to understand ways, and was always supportive and some one I've come to consider good friend. I couldn't recommend Alex and Pass driving school enough, I couldn't of asked for more and had an experience I will always remember dearly.
Danny Knight

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