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Driving courses in Kent

Driving courses that get you driving in no time.

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Want to learn fast?

Condensing driving lessons into an intensive course could help you pass in a week.

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Intensive week

Commit to a full intensive driving course run over a week, with either 25 or 30 hours of tuition

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Semi-intensive month

Spread it out a little with a semi-intensive driving course run over a month (25 or 30 hours tuition)

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Advanced Driving Courses

Advanced techniques and defensive driving .Make your driving safer and more systematic .

Available driving courses in Kent

If you have a deadline to meet or just want to learn to drive fast, condensing your driving lessons into an intensive course could help you pass quickly.

We offer semi and full intensive driving courses (manual and automatic) built around your availability, with the aim for you to pass within a week.


Full intensive driving courses are available based on the following over 1 week. A 50% deposit is required up front, with the remaining balance due the week before your course starts.


  • 1 week / 20 hours (manual/auto)* £540
  • 1 week / 25 hours (manual/auto) £675
  • 1 week / 30 hours (manual/auto) £810

* offered in exceptional circumstances with 10-15 hours of previous driving tuition experience.


Semi intensive courses are over 4 weeks and often a more effective way to learn than the intensive depending on your time scale. A 50% deposit is required up front, with the remaining balance due the week before your course starts.


  • 4-6 weeks (30 hours - beginner) £780
  • 4-6 weeks (25 hours) £675
  • 4-6 weeks (30 hours) £810

Pass+ Driving Course

Pass Plus is an extended driving course developed by the Driving Standard Agency to benefit newly qualified drivers.

6-7 hours £150.00

Just passed? Build your confidence in the driver’s seat, and learn a safe and positive driving style in a variety of different situations.

Pass Plus covers six key modules: town driving, all weather, out of town and rural, night driving, dual carriageway, and motorway driving.

Taking the Pass Plus course may help reduce your motor insurance by as much as 20% too, with participating insurance companies. For students who passed their test with Pass Driving School, we offer an extra Pass Plus discount – get in touch to learn more.

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Thankyou to Alex for everything you did.Highly recommend Pass Driving School.

Richie Lee Mitch Dawes

I cannot thank Dan and his everlasting patience enough! A long journey and I threw plenty of hurdles in his way!
You’re a gent! Will forever recommend you !

Phe Russell

Steve Bushell helped me prepare and pass my driving test. I would recommend Pass Driving School,any day of the week 10/10 .

Louis Franks

I’m still trying to process the fact that I passed my driving test last week. Thank you Carlos for the excellent teaching methods and being so patient with me. You have been absolutely brilliant and I mean it when I say that I’m going to miss the driving lessons because you’re one awesome dude! It’s been a pleasure to have met you and I wish you the best with everything


Took the intensive course as I hadn’t driven in 20 years - excellent way to get back in the swing of things with confidence .Alex Holder was a very calm and knowledgeable instructor- reassuring but was also great for getting rid of bad habits. I passed FIRST time after the course .

Zoe Healey

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