All areas now booking in from September for weekdays 8/9am and 5/6pm (no evenings or weekends). Intensive courses booking in now from November if your theory is passed . Birthday vouchers available

Driving courses in Kent

Driving courses that get you driving in no time.

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Want to learn fast?

Condensing driving lessons into an intensive course could help you pass within 7-10 days.

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Intensive Courses within 7-10 days

Commit to a full intensive driving course run within 7-10 days with 20-35 hours of tuition

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Semi-Intensive Courses 4-6 weeks

Spread it out a little with a semi-intensive driving course run over 4-6 weeks (25, 30, or 35 hours tuition)

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Advanced Driving Courses

Advanced techniques and defensive driving. Make your driving safer and more systematic .

Available driving courses in Kent

If you have a deadline to meet or just want to learn to drive fast, condensing your driving lessons into an intensive course could help you pass quickly.

We offer semi and full intensive driving courses (manual and automatic) built around your availability, with the aim for you to pass within a week to 10 days (depending on the length of the intensive) .


Full intensive driving courses are available based on the following over 1 week - 10 days depending on the timescale. 50% deposit and 50% balance dates will be planned in depending on the timescale.


  • 20 hours (within 5 days) (manual/auto)* £660
  • 25 hours (manual/auto)** £825
  • 30 hours (manual/auto) £990
  • 35 hours (manual/auto) £1150

An assessment lesson will be required / encouraged for 20, 25, & 30 hour intensives to determine the approriate length for success.

*Must have at least 15 hours' previous intructional experience.
**Must have at least 10 hours' previous instructional experience.


Semi intensive courses are over 4-6 weeks and often a more effective way to learn than the intensive depending on your time scale. 50% deposit and 50% balance dates will be planned in depending on the timescale.


  • 4-6 weeks (25 hours) £825
  • 4-6 weeks (30 hours) £990
  • 4-6 weeks (35 hours) £1150

Typical hours per week: 4 weeks = 7-8, 5 weeks = 6-7, 6 weeks = 5-6.

Pass+ Driving Course

Pass Plus is an extended driving course developed by the Driving Standard Agency to benefit newly qualified drivers.

5-6 hours £180.00

Just passed? Build your confidence in the driver’s seat, and learn a safe and positive driving style in a variety of different situations.

Pass Plus covers six key modules: town driving, all weather, out of town and rural, night driving, dual carriageway, and motorway driving.

Taking the Pass Plus course may help reduce your motor insurance by as much as 20% too, with participating insurance companies. For students who passed their test with Pass Driving School, we offer an extra Pass Plus discount – get in touch to learn more.

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Would like to say a big thank you to Richard Graham as I passed my driving test yesterday .I would definitely recommend him .He’s very calm and patient and helped me with my nerves.Thanks again Richard.

Sheryl Moy

Started my lessons with Dennis Kent and can honestly say he was very good at teaching me basic controls and getting me test ready and I was ready indeed. Passed FIRST time thank to Dennis. Thank you.

Ben Austin

Lindsay has been such a patient, positive, kind hearted and honest instructor. I had been seriously doubting my confidence and ability to drive for sometime now but Lindsay’s determination for me to pass, did. Lindsay took my individual learning abilities into account and went above and beyond to help me pass. I’ve not only learnt to drive but to drive SAFELY.
Thank you Lindsay.

Lucy Amelia

Great driving school , would 100% recommend instructor Steve Thurlow !

Alex Moss

Just recently passed my test through Pass driving school thanks to Linda P. She’s an amazing instructor would definitely recommend her. We had some great laughs and will be weird not driving without her. She makes you feel at ease. I couldn’t have had a better instructor. Thank you Linda x

Courtney Cooke

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Regaining confidence to drive after a car accident thar resulted in hospitalisation 10 years earlier.

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Learn to drive with confidence

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