All areas now booking in from September for weekdays between 8/9am and 5/6pm (no evenings or weekends). Intensive courses booking in now from November if your theory is passed . Birthday vouchers available

Pass Driving School Special Offers - only available in Kent.

We regularly update our offers and special deals, whether you’re buying driving lessons or gift vouchers. Click on an offer below to get more information, order or enrol. (In the event of the block lessons (5 or 10) not being completed, the lessons taken will be charged at the standard hourly rate of £33). In the event of a new starter package purchased and the student is not a new starter they will be eligible for 3 hours of lessons.

Please note: These offers are currently only available in the Kent area.

Beginners offer - 4 Starter Lessons for £99

Beginner deals will cover the first 4 lessons: Moving off Safely / Steer an Accurate Course / Stop Normally / Gear Changing. (This may vary at the discretion of the Instructor).

The first 2 lessons in this new starter offer will be 2 hours in length each, to allow the student to develop self confidence, skills and move to independent driving.

  • Beginners Special 4 hours £99
4 for 99

5 hour block booking

Book 5 lessons together and get a reduced rate of £32 per hour (Kent) or £34 per hour (outside Kent).

5 for 160

10 hour block booking

Book 10 lessons together and get a reduced rate of £30 per hour (Kent) or £32 per hour (outside Kent).

10 lessons for 300

Intensive & semi-intensive courses from £660

If you’re looking to reduce the overall time scale on your driving lessons we do offer semi & full intensive driving courses built around your availability.

  • Semi-intensive courses starting at £750
  • Intensive courses starting at £660
driving courses from 660

Learn to drive with confidence

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