Just opened up ….Some new limited manual availability in Thanet ,Canterbury, Faversham and Auto lessons in Folkestone and Hythe . Weekday lessons between 8/9 am and 5pm (no evening or weekends). Intensive Courses available. Birthday and gift vouchers also available.

Frequently asked questions

Answers to common questions we get from prospective instructors and pupils.

Before starting lessons

  • What do I need to do before I start driving lessons?

    First off, you must have a Provisional Licence. You can apply for a provisional driving licence quickly and easily online from DirectGov or by completing the D1 application form available at most post offices

    All applications made by filling in the D1 form will also require original documentation to be sent to the DVLA to confirm your identity. The minimum age at which you can legally drive a car on the public roads is 17. If you are disabled and in receipt of mobility allowance, the minimum age is 16. Until the day you pass the practical part of the Driving Test you are not allowed to drive on your own.

  • How do I start taking lessons with Pass?

    You can sign up online, using our easy to fill out form. Simply fill out some details about yourself (name, address, contact details), then we’ll ask you some more information about your driving needs: Whether you want to learn to drive in a manual or automatic car, how many lessons you want to take per week, your driving experience (e.g. complete beginner), when you’d like to start, and the preferred time of day for your driving lessons. That’s it! We’ll be in touch to talk you through the rest.

  • What should I expect from my driving lessons?

    Your driving lessons will have a focus, an objective set by your instructor, with the aim that each lesson teaches you what you need to know about that subject. Some topics may take more than one lesson to gain independence.

    PASS driving lessons are all about real driving experience – so we teach you a particular skill or subject, and then ensure you have time to practice it on the road. Together, you and your instructor set targets at the beginning, adjusting lessons to meet your pace and ability as you go.

  • Can I learn to drive in my own car?

    You can choose to take lessons in your own car, however it’s worth being aware that PASS instructor cars are fitted with dual controls, allowing the instructor to assist in emergencies, which is particularly useful in the first few lessons.

    Certain driving instructors will only teach in their car because of this, whereas others don’t mind as much. If you want to learn in your own car, some instructors will ask that you take at least one lesson in their car to assess your abilities and see if you’ll be okay without the dual controls.

  • Can I choose my instructor?

    We also have both male and female driving instructors, and you can view their instructor profiles on our website including a short bio about them and a picture of the car you’ll learn to drive in.

    We can’t always guarantee that you’ll get to choose your instructor, as we will assign you based on your location and the availability of our instructors compared to your desired days and times of learning.

Driving lessons

  • How many lessons will it take for me to become test ready?

    You might be surprised to know that on average our students feel they’re ready to take the practical driving test after just 20 lessons! Don’t be scared to start your driving lessons because you’re worried that the cost will grow and grow. Our instructors are all extremely confident and encourage the best from their students. You can see what our students had to say about us on our passes page.

    We also offer a variety of ways to learn from single hourly lessons, through to intensive courses that aim to have you passing your driving test within one week.

  • How often do I need to have lessons?

    It’s up to you how quickly you want to learn, the length of your lessons and the regularity of practice that you get. You can book driving lessons for 60 minutes, 90 minutes or 120 minutes at a time with PASS. The longer the lesson, the more time you’ll have to learn a subject and practice it, combining theory and real driving experience to embed the learning.

    Committing to a minimum of one weekly lesson is a good place to start – but we can advise you on the variety of ways to learn and pass your driving test when you get in touch.

  • How much do driving lessons cost?

    With PASS driving school our driving lesson prices start at £33 per hour. However, we offer a variety of block booking discounts and different types of driving lesson. Beginner deals will cover the first 5 lessons: Moving off Safely / Steer an Accurate Course / Stop Normally / Gear Changing. (This may vary at the discretion of the Instructor). We offer a Beginners Special 4 lessons for £99 (Kent only).

  • How will I know when I'm ready for my test?

    You will know when you’re ready to take your test! You should feel secure with your driving skills, so it is important when going for your driving test to be honest with yourself about your readiness. Our instructors will help you to become self-critical and to recognise any faults you make – improving on them until you are ready for your test.

    We’ll always discuss test timing with you, and conduct a mock test in the latter stages to identify strengths and weaknesses. We aim to help you reach test standard within 30 lessons

  • What happens after I pass my test?

    Passing your driving test is just the start of a lifetime’s driving on the road. Lots of new drivers also think about taking our Pass Plus training course to build their driving skills further.

    Pass Plus is a six-part training course which helps new drivers get experience in towns, in all weathers, out of town and rural roads, night driving, dual carriageway and motorways. Each part lasts an hour and at the end of each module your instructor will pass you if he or she believes that you have met the right standard.

  • What's the best time of day to take my lessons?

    Driving lessons during the daytime are always most ideal for a number of reasons: more instructors are available, you’ll have more choice on lesson dates and more frequency, and you will be more alert, there’s better visibility than in the evenings and the roads are quieter so you can get to grips with learning with less pressure.

Driving theory test

  • Can I learn to drive before taking my driving theory test?

    You can decide to do the theory test before the lessons but you learn a lot of what you need for the theory test during your lessons. Learning this way instead of only doing revision from books can make the information much easier to remember.

About Pass Driving School

  • Why are your pass rates so high?

    We won’t let you take a driving test unless you are capable of driving in today’s demanding environments and therefore capable of passing a test. You’ll have to prove you’re ready by passing one of our mock tests.

    Being fully prepared for your test will give you that added confidence, meaning you’ll feel less nervous and far more likely to succeed first time. Your test is just as important to us and we want you to pass!

  • How long have you been around for?

    We’ve been giving driving lessons for over 10 years, and are the largest independent driving school in the area.

Learn to drive with confidence

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