Just opened up ….Some new limited manual availability in Thanet ,Canterbury, Faversham and Auto lessons in Folkestone and Hythe . Weekday lessons between 8/9 am and 5pm (no evening or weekends). Intensive Courses available. Birthday and gift vouchers also available.

Become a driving instructor in Kent

Free A-Z of becoming a driving instructor

The process, timescales, earnings, and outgoings involved in becoming a driving instructor.

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A guide written by real instructors on how to set up as a driving instructor and the real financials involved.

We wrote this impartial guide to becoming a driving instructor and the reality of paying the bills as we found that getting started and finding the right information was difficult without companies overselling their promises of earnings and trying to recruit you.

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    How to become a driving instructor

    The steps involved to becoming a driving instructor along with average time scales and costs involved in the journey.

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    Expected monthly outgoings

    The real life outgoings that will help you make the decision whether or not to become a qualified driving instructor.

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    Potential earnings

    The real life earning scenarios based on fact and a current hourly rate for Kent.

John King Pass Driving School

We didn't want to simply try and sell ourselves like other driving instructor training providers. We wanted to help.

John King - Owner

Learn to drive with confidence

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