Just opened up ….Some new limited manual availability in Thanet ,Canterbury, Faversham and Eastbourne and Auto lessons in Folkestone and Hythe . Weekday lessons between 8/9 am and 5pm (no evening or weekends). Intensive Courses available. Birthday and gift vouchers also available.

Driving instructor frequently asked questions

Get those questions answered for new or existing driving instructors

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Looking to change to Pass?

If you’re an experienced ADI thinking of joining another driving school franchise, you’re probably considering all your options. Moving to PASS could be the best move you’ve ever made...

We love what we do, and we’re looking for like-minded, enthusiastic driving instructors to join our team. We provide full back office support, a full diary of new students and the flexibility to choose where and when you work. You will be part of a network of ADIs that support each other, and benefit from the enhanced profile and reputation of one of the biggest independent schools in the area.

Want to train as a driving instructor?

Whether you’re looking for a new challenge, a change of pace or the chance to be your own boss with an established franchise, becoming a driving instructor could be the perfect career move for you.

We offer the best value package and in-house training from our own qualified Ordit trainers. You will need to complete an application pack with Pass and apply for an Enhanced DBS and the ADI register. Once you complete course training and pass your tests, as well as a Standards Check Test, you are an Approved Driving Instructor.

No prior experience as an instructor is required – all you need is a passion for teaching and a desire to learn new skills. Once you start earning, you’ll realise there are all sorts of benefits to being a driving instructor, from choosing how many hours you work to being able to fit your new career around other commitments.

Is there a contract?

There is no contract: We give you support, ongoing new students, and respect (talk to our instructors to find out how we work.) We also deliver exactly what is offered - to work as part of a team but run your own workload and your own business.

Support is ongoing from a phone call to pre-checklist training. PASS is the only Independent driving school in Thanet and Herne Bay with an in-house Ordit trainers for instructors learning to teach.

What are the monthly fees?

We offer the first four weeks free to allow you time to establish a full book. (This is based on a four-week month x 12 payments, not by 52 weeks). After the first full year with Pass, you'll get 1 week of Franchise fees free for every year you've been with us to a maximum of 4 weeks. Your franchise fee can be weekly or monthly; contact us for the current franchise fee.

Is there a charge for students?

There is no charge for providing you with new or extra students. As one of our instructors, simply contact us and let us know how many students and lessons you want to take on. If you are unable to take student, just return the details into our office.

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