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Regaining Confidence as a Driver

Jack Sibley

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Jack's Story

I just wanted to say a massive thank you to driving instructor Chris Smith with Pass Driving School. I had previously taken my test twice back in Surrey and failed, which knocked my confidence in driving a lot.After a year of not driving, Chris helped me to regain that confidence and showed me where I was going wrong and how to correct it, always giving me positive feedback as well as areas for improvement in the next lesson. Communication with Chris was always clear and our lessons were structured around what I felt like I needed practicing, as well as his ideas for improvement. Chris is a patient instructor and always made sure I stayed motivated and focussed to do the best I could do, especially after having a couple of bad lessons . I can’t recommend Pass Driving School enough. After failing twice in Surrey, to passing in Kent with only 2 minors their instructors really know what they are doing and take pride in doing so. Thanks again guys .

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