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Regaining confidence to drive after a car accident thar resulted in hospitalisation 10 years earlier.

Cheryl Hendryx

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Cheryl 's Story

Cheryl needed to regain her self confidence in driving after a serious car accident 10 years  earlier that caused her to be hospitalised.

Karen Heywood is the Gold standard for driving instructors, 10 driving hours ago in tears, gripped by anxiety caused by a car accident that hospitalised me and apprehensive about who my driving instructor would be I met Karen. Whether you are a beginner learner, or looking for refresher lessons or anxious after a car accident, whatever it is that you need Karen is the answer.Her ability to teach you the technical side of driving in bite sized manageable steps make you get out of the car and fully understand positioning and push you at a pace that suits you.

She never gets flustered , never looks nervous and remains calm under all,circumstances, which is a gift to nervous learners. This contagious calm with her kind and candid guidance got me out driving on my own immediately after 10 years of not driving. Who an instructor is is more important than what they teach . Everyone needs a Karen.

Cheryl Hendryx

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