Just opened up ….Some new limited manual availability in Thanet ,Canterbury, Faversham and Auto lessons in Folkestone and Hythe . Weekday lessons between 8/9 am and 5pm (no evening or weekends). Intensive Courses available. Birthday and gift vouchers also available.

New Beginning

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I have been in England for 20 years now having followed a uniquely difficult life path in the name of a better life from scratch, with no English language, passed through all sorts of perils, heavy work, humiliation and deprivation.

I started strawberry picking and any kind of farm work, factory work and then became a licenced taxi driver, finally qualifying as an ADI. On the way I met with middlemen, managers, bosses and realised what was offered did not really come true.

I passed my training as a driving instructor with a company that is good in it’s own right,  but regretfully is not known in our region. Once again what I read, what I heard promised, did not materialise.

I was desperate, a driving instructor and a taxi driver screaming for a job, ready for anything. I even considered getting work again as a courier so that least I would have a secure income .

I am not a person who gives up, but I was tired of promises and great talk. I decided to get in touch with some of the other driving schools and hear what they would promise me.To be honest I did not need to search far; just the most obvious driving school and their advertisements pushed me towards Pass Driving School .

After my meeting with John and Gill I was delighted with their  attitude to their family business . I made the decision straightaway and without hesitation to join Pass.


In less than one week I was fully booked and I had have my belief back that I can succeed at what I have been qualified to do.

Thanks to Pass Driving School and I hope them to be part of my future dreams!  THANK YOU!

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