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Pass Driving School – Covid -19 Health and Safety Policy

   Update amendment as from 19/07/21 .

Under the Step 4 Uk Government Roadmap out of lockdown the DVSA is still expecting all of the existing routines, face masks, sanitation, ventilation to continue for both driving lessons and tests until further notice. Thank you for your continuation of cooperation with keeping every one safe in lessons 

   Student Lesson Guidance


Please be assured that I will be following the Pass Driving School updated Covid -19 Government/ Public Health England Policy to ensure your driving lessons will be undertaken in an environment conducive to good health and well being .

Please copy, paste and return the confirmation text at the end, that you have read and agreed to the revised Pass Driving School Covid-19 Terms and Conditions revised 01/12/20 before your first lesson.

Before lessons for the day and in between lessons I will

1. have washed/ sanitised my hands and will have hand sanitiser available for  you to use as well if and when you need it throughout your lesson time in the car.

2. have sanitised the exterior door handles and the internal driving area window controls, interior door handles, brake, seat belt, keys etc. having the windows open during the lesson to ensure good ventilation,  please wear suitable clothing to be comfortable. from 24/09/2020 the Government intends to make it mandatory to wear a mask in taxis, private hire cars,and will now also be in our driving lessons as in an enclosed space with less than a 1m apart and with people from different households. 

  • in the event of any instructor or student with health/ mental health issues e,g, asthma/anxiety etc that may prevent the wearing of a mask in a lesson, it is advised to have an exempt card or similar that can be shown to support their situation, in the event of being stopped for not wearing a mask.

Instructors and students will be PERSONALLY responsible if they are stopped and fined for not wearing a face mask/covering.                   Pass Driving School takes NO responsibility for fines incurred for not wearing a mask(£200 fine on first occasions.)

5.will dispose of used wipes/tissues at the end of each lesson, into plastic bag/ or a container in the boot.

6.will be avoiding face to face in the car environment, just sideways on.

*Optional  -the use of a non contact thermometer ( for some instructors)

Please ensure you have taken the course of action below that supports our Pass Covid-19  Health and Safety Policy before each lesson.

Most important

1.ensure you are well with no Covid symptoms( no temperature, fever, persistent dry cough etc), or not been in contact with anyone with Covid symptoms or self isolating prior to your lessons each week. the event of you not feeling well with Covid symptoms you MUST contact me as soon as you are aware (day/s), or evening before, or on the morning of the same day),  and re schedule the lesson until you are better or self-isolated for 14 days. 

3.Any students currently at school and who are required to self -isolate for 10-14 days (as a result of someone in their school having a positive COVID test),  must NOT attend lessons until AFTER the self isolation period .

Health and Safely is paramount!

Revised Pass Driving School Terms and Conditions

On such occasions there will be no charge for the lesson and the expectation will be that the you will apply for a Covid Test and if positive will self isolate for 14 days, with no driving lessons until after that period.

  • Please note:In all other situations late cancellations (less than 24 hours), will result in the original Pass Driving School Terms and Conditions cancellation charge being adhered too,

3.wear appropriate warm clothing as the windows will be open throughout the entire lesson or as much as is possible to ensure good ventilation and wear a mask for lessons,

4.wash your hands thoroughly for 20 seconds, immediately before leaving the house for your lesson and entering the car.

(NB Disposable gloves are NOT needed, as hands will be pre washed before the lesson and sanitised throughout as required, although these are optional should you wish to fetch with you and use) .

During current driving lessons no family members or friends are able to be in the car in lessons.

At the start of each lesson :

After my text to say I have arrived,  please wait outside by the car on my arrival, as I need to to ensure all is well with you to start the lesson, and before you enter the car. In the event of any doubt about your health the lesson may need to be rescheduled.

Please fetch your record/appointment card and a pen with you, so that you can record the areas covered and date/ payment, as I will not be doing personally at the current time. I will record similar on my records .

Please fetch a mask/face covering of your own choice to wear for your lesson.   We appreciate masks are not ideal, but they do offer another barrier for us both and will also contain an involuntary cough or sneeze should it occur in a lesson. It will provide some protection for each of us should either may be Covid asymptomatic.

On returning home it is advisable that you wash your hands thoroughly for 20 seconds ( and optionally change and wash clothes ).

New Students

If you are a NEW student please either send me your the last 8 characters on your driving licence and check code so that I can electronically check it at or send me a photo of your licence so I can confirm it is correct and valid before the first lesson.

PAYMENTS for lessons

It would be preferable if payments could be paid via the Pass Website online or via BACS to me direct (rather than cash) if you are in agreement .

Taking a test

On arrival at the test centre the examiner’s side of the car, including, seat, head restraint, seatbelt and its connection, dashboard area and passenger door contact points will be sanitised.

Tests will not go ahead without the wearing of a mask .

It is likely that only you will be allowed in the Test Centre.

I  will not be allowed to accompany you on the test .

I  may not be allowed to attend the de-briefing at the end of the test .

Thank you very much for your understanding and compliance with these new safety measures, which as you will agree are essential to ensure that good health is paramount at this current time in maintaining successful driving lessons conducive to the health and safety for all.

Disclaimer :

In agreeing to these guidelines and starting /resuming lessons it is recognised  that Pass Driving School/Instructor holds no responsibility in the event of you feeling unwell with Covid -19 or for fines that I may incur for not wearing a mask in my lessons.

Any questions or queries, please contact me or the Office at Pass Driving School. This policy will be regularly reviewed in line with changes to the Government and Public Health England Covid Health and Safety Guidance .

Reviewed 01/12/20 ( 23/09, 04/07)Updated 17/07/2021 

Many thanks for your patience

Looking forward to seeing you and starting / resuming lessons

Instructor Name ………….


Disclaimer Text below to cut and paste and to be returned to me before  your first lesson………

‘I have read and agreed to the Pass Driving School Covid Health and Safety Policy 01/12/20 and wish to start / resume lessons.

By following the guidance I understand that Pass Driving School nor my instructor hold no responsibility in the event of my being unwell with Covid-19 or for fines that result from me not wearing a mask in lessons.

Student Name

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