Are you guilty of being a ‘Parent Taxi’ for your teen?

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You thought it was hard work when they were toddlers, you thought all the after school clubs were a bind.  But now comes the ‘parent taxi’ phase and your evenings and your life, are no longer your own.

The Pinball


Not only that, you will learn more about their friends than you ever wanted to know as you become ‘a pinball.’ The Pinball is a parent taxiing their teen to pick up multiple friends from different locations then dropping them all off at yet another destination only to wait for the call to do it all again, in reverse!

The late night show


Those lovely late nights you used to love, you remember them, when you used to curl up with a glass of something before you wandered off to bed.  Well, not anymore!  Now you’re on standby waiting for your teen to call and then venturing out into the night, tired and weary to pick them up.

The last-minute dash

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Then there is the last-minute dash. This will always be an urgent, request that you cannot turn down because if you do it will definitely be the end of their world.

The alarm call


The alarm call is another job for the parent taxi.  Your teen appears wild-eyed to tell you that their alarm did not go off and they need to get to college, work or some other appointment and you just have to take them, now!

The just this once

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The parent taxi can also be the subject of the ‘just this once’ plea also known as the  ‘guilt trip’ It is always life or death and always comes with the promise, “just this once and I won’t ever ask you again.”


Do these sound familiar?  Well, we know that it does and we are pretty sure that you recognise one if not all of these scenarios.  But what is the answer?  How can you solve this problem before you lose your last vestige of social life and your sanity?

The answer is simple. Get them driving!  Isn’t it about time your youngster took the next step towards their independence and learnt to drive?

Good news – we now offer parents a great £85 for the first 5 lessons deal and in return – they get their life back!

Give John King, the owner of Pass driving school a call on 0800 612 6547. Take the first step towards getting your life back and for your teen, the very best start to their life on the road.

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