6 ways to pay less for your teens driving lessons

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We have devised our Pass 6-tips to get your teen through their test and on the way to a long, safe driving career. Our 6 tips will reduce the number of lessons they need, the cost of those lessons and cut down the need for retesting.

The time has come for your teen to take that next step to independence. Talk is all of their 17th birthday and the fact that they will be able to learn to drive and take to the roads. It’s a milestone that is bound to give rise to mixed feelings in any parent with a lot to think about, and then there is the cost. Well we have news that you will be delighted to hear. You can reduce the cost!

1. Doing it together.

Now that your teen is poised to be fully fledged with their own driving licence it marks the end of their childhood. Keep communication open and give them the benefit of your own experience by helping them to revise for their theory test. This can be a way of going through this important milestone together and it will give your teen a better chance of passing.

2. Use all help available

There is an awful lot of literature out there that will help prepare a young person for their driving test. This is a great place to start on the gov.uk website. Do your research together and prepare to pass with Pass!

3. Practice makes perfect

We think having driving lessons with a qualified instructor are an essential part of learning to drive. Instructors know what examiners are looking for and they will be the best place for the learner to start. All cars at Pass come with dual controls and experienced instructors, who have seen it all before! From the nervous to the over confident driver we know just how to manage those early days. After they have mastered the basics you can help by taking them out regularly, between lessons to give them a vital chance to practice.

4. Special offers

This is the part that worries a lot of people. With the new driver desperate for their own car and the high cost of insurance, there is a lot to consider. We know that the expenses can mount up and that is why we are proud to offer a special deal to our new drivers – our beginner deal with five lessons for just £85.

5. Real Savings

Have you considered intensive lessons? There are advantages to intensive lessons in that driving improves faster as the gap between lessons is less. There is also a financial advantage as intensive lessons cost, on average, £100 less than taking a more staggered course of driving lessons.

6. Gift it

It is likely to be all your teen can think about as their 17th birthday approaches so let it be known to family and friends that for that birthday milestone, birthday gift vouchers for driving lessons would be very enthusiastically received!

Getting that young driver out on their own is going to be expensive but Pass is here to help when you need it most, making lessons affordable and offering the new driver the very best start to their life on the road.

“I would like to say a very big thank you to John for encouraging me to finally pass my test and not allow me to give up at the point other schools and instructors have over the years; I am going to miss his sense of humour and cheeky grin. I would recommend Pass Driving School 100%”.

Sandy Baxter-Muir

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